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Study on an Angular Momentum Conservation of Radiation in a Uniaxial Crystal

Tadahiro Ohmi and Shigekazu Hori

Department of Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology

(Received May 12, 1972)

A linearly polarized electromagnetic wave incident on an anisotropic crystal generally changes into a wave whose polarization is rotating as it propagates. Radiation with rotating polarization carries angular momentum with it, unlike a linearly polarized wave, which carries no angular momentum, so that the angular momentum transfer occurs in the anisotropic crystal between the radiation and the crystal.
In this paper, the angular momentum of the radiation with rotating polarization is expressed in terms of the electric field, and a spatial distribution of torque changing its direction periodically is shown to appear in a uniaxial crystal in the presence of radiation, by considering the angular momentum transfer between the radiation and the crystal.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.12.569

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