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Densified SiOF Film Formation for Preventing Water Absorption

Hiroshi Kudo, Rika Shinohara, Shunsaku Takeishi, Naoki Awaji1 and Masao Yamada

Thin Film Technology Dept., Process Dev. Div., Fujitsu Ltd., 1015 Kamikodanaka, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki 211, Japan 1Electron Devices and Materials Lab., Fujitsu Lab. Ltd., 10-1 Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi 243-01, Japan

(Received September 9, 1995; accepted for publication October 27, 1995)

We confirmed that the density of a SiOF film was decreased by the addition of C2F6 as a fluorine source. Such a decrease in the density had the most significant effect on the water absorptivity. Densities of the films were controlled by increasing O2 gas mixture ratios. From the TDS measurements of water desorption and the change in dielectric constants which occurred when the film was exposed to atmosphere, we confirmed that the densified films had lower water absorptivity.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.35.1583
KEYWORDS:SiOF, PE-CVD, dielectric constant, water absorption, interlayer dielectric

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