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A New Efficient Error Correctible Modulation Code for Holographic Data Storage

Euiseok Hwang, Kunyul Kim, Jaehyung Kim, Jooyoun Park and Heungsang Jung

Digital Media Laboratory, DAEWOO Electronics Co., Ltd., 543, DangJeong-Dong, KunPo-Shi, KyongGi-Do, 435-733, Korea

(Received September 27, 2001; accepted for publication January 15, 2002)

A new efficient modulation code for holographic memory, or 9:12 pseudo-balanced code(9-12PBC), has been developed and evaluated. The proposed code is partitioned into 16 codeword subsets and is decoded in conjunction with Viterbi algorithm. The results of numerical simulations and actual recording experiments show that 9-12PBC gives favorable trade-off between code rate and bit error rate(BER) performance.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.41.1763
KEYWORDS:holographic data storage, holographic memory, channel code, modulation code, Viterbi algorithm, correlation decoding

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