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A New Two-Dimensional Pseudo-Random Modulation Code for Holographic Data Storage

Euiseok Hwang, Jaewoo Roh, Jaehyung Kim, Janghyun Cho, Jooyoun Park and Heungsang Jung

Digital Media Laboratory, DAEWOO Electronics Co., Ltd., 543, DangJeong-Dong, KunPo-Shi, KyongGi-Do, 435-733, Korea

(Received July 17, 2002; revised manuscript revised September 17, 2002; accepted for publication September 26, 2002)

A new two-dimensional modulation scheme for holographic data storage, or complementary code-word block modulation (CCBM), and its decoding algorithm have been developed and evaluated. The CCBM constructs a pseudo-random array which provides a relatively uniform intensity distribution in the recording plane, leading to favorable SNR and BER performance.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.42.1010
KEYWORDS:holographic data storage, holographic memory, channel code, modulation code, pseudo-random array

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