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Three-Dimensional Error Correction Schemes for Holographic Data Storage

Euiseok Hwang, Pilsang Yoon, Jooyoun Park, Jongyong Park and Haeun Nam

Digital Media Lab., Daewoo Electronics Corp., 543, Dangjeong, Kunpo, Kyonggi 435-733, Korea

(Received November 15, 2004; revised February 17, 2005; accepted February 21, 2005; published May 24, 2005)

Three-dimensional (3D) error correction coding (ECC) provides volumetrically coupled ECC blocks, the possible errors of which can be controlled powerfully by correcting errors from three different directions, iteratively. However, increased parities cause a large overhead, which limits the application of strong ECC schemes. In this study, a new efficient 3D ECC scheme and its decoding algorithm for holographic data storage were developed and evaluated. The proposed scheme has 3D ECC capability with a relatively low coding overhead, similarly to that of conventional 2D error correcting schemes, such as RSPC. It gives favorable ECC performance with a high efficiency in a page-based recording and retrieving system, which enables the use of a 3D ECC scheme for various applications.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.44.3529
KEYWORDS:holographic data storage, page-oriented optical memory, error correction code, Reed-Solomon code, three-dimensional error control

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