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Simple Model of Electronic Density of States of Graphite and Its Application to the Investigation of Superlattices

Wing-Tat Pong and Colm Durkan

Nanoscience Centre, University of Cambridge, 11. J J Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0FF, UK

(Received January 13, 2005; accepted March 2, 2005; published July 26, 2005)

A model of graphite which is easy to comprehend and simple to implement for the simulation of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) images is described. This model simulates the atomic density of graphite layers, which in turn correlates with the local density of states. The mechanism and construction of such a model is explained with all the necessary details which have not been explicitly reported before. This model is applied to the investigation of rippling fringes which have been experimentally observed on a superlattice, and it is found that the rippling fringes are not related to the superlattice itself. A superlattice with abnormal topmost layers interaction is simulated, and the result affirms the validity of the moiré rotation pattern assumption. The “odd-even” transition along the atomic rows of a superlattice is simulated, and the simulation result shows that when there is more than one rotated layer at the top, the “odd-even” transition will not be manifest.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.44.5365
KEYWORDS:graphite, superlattice, moiré rotation pattern, rippling fringes, odd even transition

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