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Brief Communication

Channel Data Retrieval in Page-Based Holographic Data Storage

Euiseok Hwang, Pilsang Yoon, Haksun Kim, Jooyoun Park, Jongyong Park1 and Yeon June Kang2

Digital Media Lab., Daewoo Electronics Corp., 543, Dangjeong, Kunpo, Kyonggi 435-733, Korea
1Education Research Industry Cluster, Hanyang University, 1271 Sa-1, Sangrok, Ansan, Kyonggi 426-791, Korea
2School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, San 56-1, Shinlim, Kwanak, Seoul 151-742, Korea

(Received August 15, 2005; revised October 10, 2005; accepted November 28, 2005; published online February 24, 2006)

A channel data retrieval scheme for page-based holographic data storage has been developed. It includes several signal-processing blocks for retrieving data reliably under noisy condition, namely, a frame grabber for capturing data adaptively in a rotating disk, a mark detector for tracing the data location, an equalizer for compensating interference, a two-dimensional modulation decoder for suppressing errors, and a three-dimensional error correction decoder for correcting errors generated by the holographic storage channel. The proposed scheme has been implemented with a field-programmable gate array chip and applied to actual data retrieval from holographic data storage. With the proposed channel data retrieval hardware, the user video data is successfully reconstructed from the holographic disk, which contains video data as holograms.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.45.1285
KEYWORDS:holographic data storage, page-oriented optical memory, channel decoder, channel equalizer, two-dimensional modulation code, three-dimensional error correction code

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