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Brief Communication

Comparisons of Perceived Images in Multiview and Integral Photography Based Three-Dimensional Imaging Systems

Jung-Young Son, Vladmir V. Saveljev, Kyung-Tae Kim1, Min-Chul Park2, and Sung-Kyu Kim2

Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, Daegu University, Daegu 712-714, Korea
1Department of Information and Communication, Hannam University, Daejeon 133, Korea
2System Technology Div., Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 130-650, Korea

(Received January 17, 2006; accepted December 4, 2006; published online March 8, 2007)

The imaging properties of multiview and integral photography based three-dimensional imaging systems are compared on the basis of their viewing-zone-forming principles. It is confirmed that 1) the images projected to the viewers' eyes in IP and the multiview have a conjugate relationship between them and 2) the quality of the image projected to viewers' eyes in integral photography will be increased if the image resolution of each lenslet in the microlens plate is minimized by reducing the field of the view angle of the microlens plate and the number of lenslets in the plate is increased.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.46.1057
KEYWORDS:multiview, IP, viewing zone, viewing zone cross section, three dimensional image, image projected to viewers' eyes, viewing zone forming optics, binocular parallax

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