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Rapid Communication

A Compact 2 Degree-of-Freedom Energy Harvester with Cut-Out Cantilever Beam

Hao Wu, Lihua Tang, Yaowen Yang, and Chee Kiong Soh

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

(Received November 21, 2011; accepted February 26, 2012; published online March 29, 2012)

In this work, a novel 2 degree-of-freedom (DOF) vibration energy harvester is proposed. The harvester comprises one main cantilever beam and one secondary cantilever beam cut out within the main beam. By varying the proof masses, the first two resonances can be tuned close to each other, while maintaining significant magnitudes, thus providing a useful wide bandwidth for energy harvesting. Unlike previous 2-DOF harvesters, the proposed harvester is compact and utilizes the beam more efficiently by generating energy from both the main and secondary cantilevers. Therefore, the proposed harvester is more adaptive and functional in practical random or frequency-variant vibrational circumstances.

DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.51.040211

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